Ginny Lindsay


In my experience as a couple therapist, many people usually have their own skeletons in the closet – family-of-origin issues, different expectations and beliefs, legacies from past generations, family myths and secrets – which interfere with their current relationship and their ability to move forward.

On top of that, couples can be suffering from current challenges when having a new baby like sleepless nights, baby’s health concerns, financial pressures, job demands, unfamiliarity with new roles and meddling in-laws.

What I often witness are couples who started their relationship with enthusiasm, great love and high expectations are now disillusioned, bitter and are often feeling overwhelmed, stuck and despondent.

Central to my work is establishing a neutral place for my clients to speak freely and move forward at their own pace. Our journey together is a collaborative one where each partner feels safe, heard, validated and acknowledged in a non judgmental environment. Client’s will find me warm, supportive and understanding. They will feel safe and respected whatever the issue or problem we tackle together.

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