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Client Testimonials


Ginny, when I first came to see you I was “Fearful, anxious and hurting”. Something was broken inside of me but I wasn’t sure what. There was pain oozing out everywhere from sources I couldn’t pin point. I was like a broken vase, pieces shattered everywhere and not sure how to begin rebuilding.

Ginny, you became the glue that helped me put together the broken pieces that’s made me hole again. What was broken in the background has now become whole. With your gentle grace and loving empathy you guided me through healing open wounds that had been there nearly 30 years.

I came to see Ginny because I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. Certain aspects of my life seemed out of control, and I was feeling frustrated with my personal and working relationships, which had led to feelings of depression and considerable weight gain. I felt like I was in a cycle that I couldn’t manage to break on my own. Yet a voice was telling me that I deserved to feel better and enjoy life more. I really appreciated the genuine interest, compassion and wide range of counselling skills that Ginny has used in helping me work through a lot of my past issues and helping me to find my own solutions. What I have learnt is that life will continue to provide triggers, but having the skills and knowledge of awareness I can now make choices for how long I stay victim to these … With Ginny’s help and support in confronting my issues, I have felt a growing confidence in who I am, shedding the extra weight and then giving up the secret smoking. I feel very grateful for having Ginny as my counsellor.

I would just like to thank Ginny for helping me understand and deal with the anxiety I was experiencing. When I originally started seeing Ginny, she had me re-create scenarios through ‘sand play’. I used objects as symbols to represent the different events that were concerning me. I found this really helpful to express what was going on in my head, as I was able to communicate visually my innermost feelings and fears. I was then able to understand the problem that was bothering me and explore possible solutions to help myself move forward. Having Ginny in my support network has made me realise that I am not alone. Anxiety is common, and it is important to remember you can’t control the way people around you think and act, only yourself.

I learnt that there is no right or wrong way to live. It is important to approach everything with a positive and open mind. I found my time with Ginny constructive and always left smiling as her positive and calming nature is truly infectious.

Ginny was there for me at the worst of times. She helped me see things how they really were, and then I was able to start to rebuild. She was positive but realistic. I started to respect myself again and I am slowly becoming the person I would more like to be. If you are stuck, or life has fallen apart, I couldn’t recommend Ginny more highly.