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Pre-Marriage Counselling Sydney

Ginny Lindsay

Premarital counseling is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage. It can help you ensure you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship which is an excellent foundation for a stable and satisfying marriage. 

With years of experience working as a therapist, I have seen numerous married couples with longstanding issues that could have been prevented with premarital counseling. That is exactly why I encourage couples to explore the key questions with me and share a vision of an ideal future, so I can help them establish effective communication and sustain feelings in the long run.

Imagine having the benefits of having someone to help you with common marriage concerns like raising children, how to deal with extended family, and more. The purpose of this proactive pre-marriage counseling strategy is to prevent couples from engaging in negative behavior, and deal with all the issues that may pop-up and break their marriage.

What is Pre-Marriage Anxiety?

As your big day is getting closer, feelings of stress, doubts and ambivalence may overwhelm you. Getting married is a life-changing event that may bring relocation, starting a completely new family life and making other big and important decisions. It may even cause you to start wondering if the marriage is the path you should follow.

You may be surprised that ambivalent feelings are present in every relationship and that we may have contradictory feelings about our partner. Both partners feel appreciation and irritation, fulfillment and disappointment at the same time. The only method to make headway is to acknowledge our concerns. If couples deny frustrations and hope for the best, that will certainly lead to resentment. 

Your marriage success will be determined by how you decide to deal with premarital anxiety. Effective pre-marriage counseling Sydney is the only way to beat these inevitable challenges and make your communication smooth.

How Does the Premarital Counselling Process Look Like?

First of all, we will focus on constructively addressing any fears and concerns you and your partner have. After that, I will teach you essential relational and communication skills, and then we will proceed exploring questions that are vital for the health of your relationship

Once we resolve the issues that may undermine your marriage, we will be able to create a strong bond between you two and engage each other with honesty, care, and understanding. In the end, I will help you create a shared vision for the future which will lead to a happy marriage. 

Pre-Marriage Counselling Sydney Can Help You Identify the Issues

Many people think that premarital therapies are only for couples who are already facing challenges and difficulties. However, this kind of counseling can also help you and your partner learn how to identify the issues and handle the conflict that can rise at some point in your marriage. 

Pre-marriage counseling is a form of family therapy designed to help couples stay connected even during the time of crisis. I will work closely with you to provide conflict resolution strategies which will help you realize you are not the enemies even in situations such as financial crises when partners are usually blaming each other for the situation they are in. 

If you want to build your marriage on a strong cornerstone, don’t hesitate to contact From 2 to 3 today and schedule your pre-marriage counselling Sydney. Take the first step by giving me a call, or sending an email, so we can schedule an appointment and prepare you and your partner for the future life in the best possible way. I am looking forward to helping you and your partner overcome all the challenges and get back to the core of your relationship – love and respect.

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