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Healthy Relationship Counselling

If a relationship is not mutually supportive, or defined by continual criticism, manipulation or worse, these are all signs of an unhealthy relationship. If you are unhappy in a relationship but are having trouble deciding if this is ‘normal’, or want to work to improve the relationship – then we can help!

Call me on 0412 88 2345 or message me at ginny@from2to3.com.au if you are ready to talk about your relationship: I am always ready to listen.

Do you want to connect on a deeper level with your partner?

Are you concerned that your relationship with your partner has become unhealthy? I can help you work out challenges in your relationship and find a healthy solution for both partners. All this happens in a safe, confidential, supportive and judgement-free environment at our premises in Crows Nest.

First, I want to share my story – so you know who you will be working with.

My name is Ginny Lindsay, and I have vast experience as a therapist but most importantly I have life experience – including a divorce and raising a child as a single parent. This means I have learnt, through hard and rewarding times, to adapt to my changing circumstances. My qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Human Change. I also am a Member of PACFA – the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships: Understanding the Difference

Relationships can be hard work, but they never should cause either party stress. A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on:

  • Trust
  • Mutual respect
  • Honesty
  • Support
  • Fairness
  • Good communication
  • A sense of fun

Can Counselling Help a Relationship?

From 2 to 3 provides relationship and marriage counselling in Sydney for those taking the big step into parenthood. Located on Sydney’s North Shore, we are a qualified practice that uses our training and wealth of experience to aid both individuals and couples who are creating a family.

The process of having and raising a child is one of the most challenging that an individual and a couple can face. It brings a particular set of challenges to each household, and facing them can strain even the strongest couples. From 2 to 3 relationship and marriage counselling provides a service that prides itself on promoting open, honest discussion, breaking down barriers to communication, and encouraging stronger bonds as you move through this unique time.

My name is Ginny Lindsay, and I bring a wealth of formal training and personal experience to the fold. I have helped hundreds of couples tackle the difficulties of creating a life, and look forward to helping you. You can read more about me here.

From 2 to 3 offers couples and marriage counselling services across the North Shore and to the entirety of Sydney. We are ready to help you transition into parenthood joyfully, happily and together.