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Grief and Loss Counselling for Sydney’s North Shore

Coping with a loss in your family is jarring, and the loss of a child can be even more so. It can seem incomprehensible, an impossible situation, and while these life events aren’t always unexpected, this makes it no easier. Trying to grieve while juggling family and career can be an overwhelming burden to bear. Family counselling can help you to cope.

At From2to3, Ginny Lindsay specialises in providing a trained ear and an open mind for the bereaved, whether the child was lost in the womb, or after birth. A trained psychotherapist, Ginny specialises in offering a space where the bereaved are able to begin to heal, with open communication, patience, and positive energy.

Offered to every member of the family, From2to3 is a family-oriented practice, capable of offering the correct treatment method to each patient. Our experiences is applicable to both the young and the no-so-young, with a successful track record of helping patients from a range of backgrounds.

The first step towards healing properly is taking some time for yourself, and at From2to3, Ginny can provide a compassionate space geared towards you.

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The North Shore of Sydney is a growing area, featuring a wealth of commercial, industrial, and residential areas. Once a sleepy region of large estates and market gardens, the construction of the Harbour Bridge opened it to easy access from the central business district, and it hasn’t stopped growing since.