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Overcoming the pitfalls of isolation

More and more new parents are suffering in silence with an overwhelming feeling of being alone and isolated at a time when they expected to feel joy and excitement with the arrival of their new baby.

There are many different scenarios effecting new parents: For some there is a feeling of lack of control, grief and sadness.  For others there is a sense of loss from leaving a career that you enjoyed and where you felt part of a team and now you haven’t got that same sense of belonging; As a new Dad you may be missing the attention you used to get from your wife as she’s focused entirely on your baby; You may be missing the ‘old days’ when it was just the two of you and going out for a coffee was just so simple and spur of the moment; You may be living in a remote area or have recently moved suburbs or countries and your network of friends is limited; You may have a baby that is unwell thus limiting your contact with other people leaving you feeling isolated.

We all want that sense of belonging and to be part of a group where you feel held and supported.  The danger is if you have extended periods of time alone you may start to feel depressed, anxious, helpless and have a sense of low self-worth. These and many other feelings all place enormous pressure on your emotional, mental and physical health as well as on your relationship.  The cost of isolation is high and the damage it can do to your relationship could be significant.  Just know that it doesn’t need to be that way!!  The opposite of isolation is SUPPORT!

It needs to be the right support, where you can feel that you can truly be yourself and that the people around you have  your best interests at heart so you can gain more balance, confidence and support.  The idea is that you can thrive and enjoy this new stage of life with your partner and baby.

It’s important for the people supporting you to be non-judgemental, authentic, honest, trustworthy, caring, loving and real!! How good does that sound!!

The fact is that you can’t do it all on your own and to be a great parent, friend, lover and partner and stay great, you need to reach out and get help now!!

If any of this feels familiar to you, let’s talk now and together strengthen your relationships and bring the support you need to thrive with your partner, baby, family and friends.