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Parenting and the Importance of a United front | Couples Counselling

Among child-rearing experts, and couples counsellors, there is a nearly-universal consensus on the value and importance of creating a united front for your children. Being able to communicate easily and strongly with your spouse allows your child fewer entrances in which to doubt their parents’ judgement, and your job becomes considerably easier.

But this is easier said than done. It means you must have implicit trust in your spouse’s judgement, and their follow-through. It means you must support a motion, regardless of whether it is exactly what you would have done.

Most of all, it involves communication and proper knowledge of your parenting techniques. And this means you spend some time together with your spouse, learning your methods on the go, and applying them throughout your relationship. This can be difficult at a time when you are perhaps still adjusting to the new schedule, with a dependent on your hands, but it is among the most important elements of becoming a parent. And creating it early will help it to become normalised, something you don’t need to think about.

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