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The Big Day: Couples Counselling for Stress

The mental hurdles involved in putting together your dream wedding cannot be overemphasised. There are an enormous number of different aspects to put together, and it can be stressful. Hence, the growing field of couples counselling for pre-wedding pairs.

Stress is inherent to the days leading up to a wedding. It is a day that looms large in the lives of many women, something that they may have thought about for years at a time. No wonder, then, that some of them may begin to show cracks as the day approaches.

Such stresses can ruin an otherwise celebratory day, but you needn’t be spending your mental energy on such worries. You can move beyond them, and at From 2 to 3, we can help to ease you through this busy time, encouraging a calmer and more enjoyable experience when the big day comes.

Delegate, and Trust your Subordinates
There are far too many tasks to be taken on by one person. No matter how much you would prefer to have your finger on the pulse of everything, it will accomplish little apart from creating a very full schedule. Assign some of the jobs to trusted lieutenants, and allow them to carry it out. Your schedule will thank you!

Be Logistical
Make use of the accounting software on your phone or your laptop, and maintain a paper trail. By keeping everything in one place, you can reduce the amount of time that you spend stressfully searching for a needed document.

Get Some Facetime
Ensure that you can find time for a coffee with your partner or your wedding party members. Sweating out the details face to face – rather than through an extended email trail – can lead to far quicker solutions being found. It also eases your inherent stress, to know you have allies on your team.

Ditch the Mobile
While it may be heresy to some of us, on this day, make it about you and your partner – your phone can only serve to distract.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
People will not notice if your dinner plates aren’t exactly the right colour. If something changes at the last second, don’t let it dominate your headspace on this day of celebration.

More than anything, this is a party! You are here to celebrate something beautiful, so don’t let your grievances get in the way of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. At From2to3, we provide couples counselling for Sydney’s North Shore, ensuring a happy and enjoyable wedding is had by all.