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What Do You Need to Release Repair or Refresh?

It’s September and Spring is here! Flowers and leaves are returning to the trees and the days are getting longer. Just like the ever changing cycles of nature, you are also going through cycles of change in your life. Although we may want things to always stay the same, change is normal in a life and in relationships. Just as nature goes through it’s cycles, so do we. In couples counselling I support couples to move gracefully through the changes in their relationships and lives. The turn of the seasons is a great time to sit back and reflect on the state of your life, and see what changes you need to make.

So this month, I thought it would be great to reflect on what you might need to release, repair or refresh in your life.

1. Release
Sometimes you might find that you are holding onto things in your life that no longer serve you or your relationship. Recently I have been working with a woman who has returned to work in a part-time capacity and the change in her job duties is leaving her feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. This is now having an impact on her relationship with both her husband and her new baby and the financial pressure to stay in a job she doesn’t enjoy is causing her a lot of stress and anxiety. It is normal to want to hold on to things – it might be a job you hate, a house that you cannot afford, clothes you don’t wear, a relationship that no longer serves you, resentment toward your children, unhealthy habits like drinking too much, critical self-talk or not getting enough exercise. However there are costs associated with holding on and being unwilling to release these things. Not only can it negatively impact your health and wellbeing, but it can also spill over into your relationships, and your family. So if you know that you need to release something or someone from your life, there is no time like Spring for a new beginning. I can support you to safety and gracefully release what may be holding you back in your life and in your relationship, so contact me now if you need support.

2. Repair
Sometimes you may have some repairs to make in your health, your finances or your relationship. There be aspects of your health you have neglected over the winter months, bills or life administration that needs to be seen to, or perhaps you have had some niggling arguments in your relationships that need to be repaired. Perhaps there are actual physical repairs that need to happen to your home or car. Take a moment to reflect on what repairs need to be made in your life. When it’s a relationship that needs repair, you may sometimes feel like it’s not worth it or it’s too late to make amends. From experience in counselling both couples and individuals, I know that it’s never too late to say sorry and try to make things better. You may not salvage the relationship every time, but you will feel a sense of completion that you have done what you personally can to improve a situation. Living with regrets and incompletions, can drain your energy mentally and physically, so do what you can to repair your relationships and your vitality and wellbeing will improve.

3. Refresh
It’s common for you to become a bit stale or stagnant over the winter months. You may have stopped making an effort with how you dress, your exercise or beauty routines, your home or your relationship. A client who I saw recently felt unhappy in her body, after putting on weight since having her children and was no longer making an effort with her appearance. Her interest in sex had also declined. She felt unattractive and frumpy, and hated to go shopping for herself. With my encouragement she got some education on personal styling. Learning to dress her changed figure and where to buy lovely clothes in her size and budget, made her feel so much better. Her husband began to comment on how nice she looked and she began to feel more feminine. Even her interest in sex increased, as she began to feel more desirable and attractive from the outside in. A small wardrobe refresh set off a whole lot of positive changes including an increased interest in exercise. Sometimes all you need is to refresh one aspect of your life, to create a positive flow on effect to may areas of your life and your relationship.

If you feel like you need support and encouragement to release, repair or refresh something in your life, then contact me now to book an appointment. Getting in early to make positive changes to your life can improve the quality of your life and your relationships. Don’t wait until there’s a major problem. Let’s talk before it breaks.