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Anxiety Counselling and Emotionally Focused Therapy

At From2to3, we provide anxiety counselling and emotionally focused therapy methods that resound with hundreds of clients. We take a careful, bespoke look at each client we treat, to ensure that we are encouraging them to arrive as comfortable and prepared as possible.

But with that said, anxiety counselling is not magic. Progress is not like filling up a bucket, it is more akin to building a house. There is work involved. And to facilitate such emotionally focused therapy with us, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that you are getting the most that you can from your sessions.

First and foremost, be prepared to learn. Counselling internalises methods used to open up sentiment and create expression, and they don’t always come easily. Coming to your session with an open mind, and the flexibility to try new things, can mean that you make far more progress, right off the bat. It can be easier said than done, but counts for a lot.

Secondly, a commitment is needed to make real progress. These sessions are not the sum of the time you invest in the chair, but a reflection of how you prioritise them. You can arrive and sit down and partake physically, but you also must commit mentally.

Finally, setting goals for your progress will help you to prevent frustration. There are no set times for progress to be made. Breaking down your therapy in to smaller and more manageable chunks will allow you to keep tabs, and remain focussed. These goals can be worked on with your therapist, and regular reviews will help to keep them relevant and feasible.

Emotionally focused therapy has created some remarkable results in our experience, and putting your best foot forward can encourage this. Contact us today for more information.