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Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Have you been watching Married at First Sight? Each Sunday we sit and watch the Commitment Ceremony. Which is quite similar to counseling. Apart from the fact you’re not on tv, and you don’t have 14 of your mates listening in closely.

When a couple is thinking about going to counseling they are often in some type of crisis. Couples in happy, healthy relationships don’t generally seek marriage counseling. There are several benefits to seeing a marriage counselor, like improving your communication skills. While improved communication can help any couple there are other benefits to seeking help.

1. You will learn effective communication techniques
Marriage counseling will help you and your spouse learn how to speak to each and, even more importantly, how to listen to each other. You will learn skills that will help you, not only hear but, understand what your spouse is trying to communicate.

2. You will learn more effective conflict resolution skills
Nobody likes to fight with their spouse, some people may try to avoid a fight at any cost. Marriage counseling can help you and your partner learn to stop and solve conflicts in a productive and constructive way. Big blowups and bottled up emotions have no place in your marriage.

3. You will learn how to express your needs
Learning how to tell your partner what you need while not being offensive can be tricky. Marriage counseling can help you and your partner practice to communicate your needs effectively while not offending your spouse.

4. You will learn how to approach and resolved your unresolved marital problems
Talking about unresolved issues can get emotional and painful. Marriage counseling will help you uncover what has been bothering you. Counseling sessions will be a safe place to express concerns to your partner and where you will be able to work on resolving them together.

5. You will gain a greater understanding of your spouse
With the skills you learn during counseling, you will be able to understand your spouse better than ever before. Talking about your needs and unresolved issues will give you a better idea of what your spouse wants and needs. Being direct about those needs will help you to understand each other more than you knew was possible.

A better marriage could be in your future if you contact Ginny and schedule your appointment today. Let me help you and your spouse become the best versions of yourselves.