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Common Topics Covered During Pre-Marriage Counselling

Whether you have known your partner for many years or have an arranged marriage, problems tend to creep up over time. Pre-marriage counselling is helpful to understand your partner better, ask questions you’ve never thought of before, discuss topics you otherwise take for granted and avoid future problems.

Let’s discuss some of the most common topics covered during pre-marriage counselling.

Marriage Expectations

Both partners may have a preconceived idea,  a basic blueprint, of what marriage should be. So what happens when these ideas clash? Pre-marriage counselling encourages both partners to voice their expectations from marriage and find a middle ground.

Sex and Intimacy

Not all partners are equally educated in matters concerning sex and intimacy. There may have been peer discussions or you may have read about these topics in books and magazines. The entertainment industry is a big culprit in influencing our expectations about sex and intimacy and what it should be like.

Discussing your sexual preferences with each other is important to manage expectations. A healthy sex life can increase intimacy between partners, and research shows that regular sex is linked to lower divorce rates among married couples. Besides the obvious, sex also offers physical and psychological benefits such as lowering stress levels and improving sleep.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Proper communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful marriage. Partners should understand each other’s communication styles and find a way for a direct and open communication channel. Due to differences in personalities, how we deal with conflict can often be a point of conflict in itself. Pre-marriage counselling can help guide you through this process.

Plans for Children

A counsellor can encourage you to discuss the time frame for having children, parenting styles, extended family involvement, religious upbringing and more during your session.

Money Matters

How do you plan to manage home expenses? Where will you invest your savings? Do you plan to contribute the same amount, or do you split it proportionally to what each partner is earning?

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