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How To Know Whether You Need Couples Counselling and Sex Therapy?

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If you and your partner have decided to seek help in order to improve your relationship, you will want to be sure that you have picked the best therapist who will find the way for you to overcome challenges and reach your goals.

Before you start your quest, it is important to know that at From 2 to 3 the sex counselling and the couples therapy come together. In this article, we will try to help you understand how our program works so that you can pick the one for you and your partner.


The Benefits of Joined Couples Therapy and Sex Counselling

Since there are many similarities between these two therapies, we believe that they work best when used together. We think that it’s important to analyse every aspect of your relationship in order to make it truly successful.

Our Couples therapy is firstly concentrated on conflict resolution, communication issues, problem-solving skills, and other issues that are not dealing with the couple’s sex life directly. So, if we notice that you and your partner have sex issues, we move on to that aspect of the relationship as well. 

The sex therapy is a type of talk therapy designed to help couples learn more about their medical, psychological, personal and other factors that affect their sexual satisfaction. If helps people overcome these issues, and have a pleasurable sex life and enjoyable relationship. 


Common Issues That Couples Therapy Can Solve

The common myth is that couples therapy is only for married people who are divorcing or relationship that are falling apart. There are many other challenges that professional couples therapy can solve, and we will list some of them:

You And Your Partner Have Different Opinions

Whether it is about parenting, money, marriage lifestyle or any other aspect, sometimes it is hard to accept another opinion and leave your perspective and feelings behind. You might be caught up in the circle of conflict because you are not able to see both sides and actually hear each other. A couples therapist will act as a moderator and guide you through the process of exploring your feelings calmly and safely, so you can detect the issues that cause the situation you are currently in. 

A Big Life Change Makes You Feel Like You Are Living Separate Lives

Retirement, moving to another city, a new job, a midlife crisis and many other things can happen and change the life of one partner, making you feel like you are living different lives all of a sudden. Even if you are both experiencing big life changes, many challenges can pop up, and couples therapy is the best choice if you want to deal with it. 

There can also be a fear that something bad can happen and affect your relationship, that your communication will worsen and so on. If these issues sound familiar, you should seek help from a couples counsellor.


Challenges That Sex Therapy Can Resolve

If you and your partner are experiencing some of the issues listed below, then you should definitely include sex therapy in your couples counselling:

  • Loss of sexual desire 
  • You have stopped having sex
  • It is hard for you to reach orgasm
  • You always think of excuses to avoid sex
  • You can’t stop thinking about sex

You will have to work these things out together and make your sex life better, and sex therapy is the best way to go.


So, Do You Need A Couples Therapy and Sex Counselling?

We hope that this article helped you decide which type of therapy you and your partner need, But if you still aren’t sure about it, the professional therapist at From 2 to 3 couples counselling, Ginny Lindsay, will be there to help you pick the right therapy for you and provide counselling in a calm, understanding environment.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]