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A GUIDE: What To Expect At Couples And Sex Therapy?

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Couples and sex therapy can help you and your partner have a healthy, strong relationship, get back on track and resolve all the intimacy issues you are dealing with. However, there are many misconceptions about what is happening behind the closed doors during the counselling.

These prejudices can make you create a wrong image about how this process looks like, and we want to explain what you exactly can expect behind the closed sex therapy doors.

Get Ready To Share Some Personal Details

In your first session, the therapist will like to know more about the things that concern you. This often looks like a traditional psychotherapy intake, but with an added focus on sexuality. Generally, when you attend a counselling with sexuality and other issues that are common for couples, you can expect the therapist to kindly ask you what has been bothering you and what you would like to be different. 

Just like any other therapy, couples and sex therapy is customized to each client. Sometimes just a sharing the information regarding your personal situation can be one of the most effective aspects of seeing a counsellor. 

The main goal of this kind of therapy is to detect the reasons why you have been experiencing difficulties and to identify yours and your partner’s desires in a non-judgemental and compassionate environment.

Which Questions Can You Expect During the First Session?

In order to get you better prepared for your first couples and sex therapy, here is the list of questions that a therapist will probably ask you about:

  • Your general mental health history
  • Yours and your partner’s sexual history
  • The relationship you have with your family
  • Any traumatic experiences that a therapist should know about
  • Medical or physical concerns that may be affecting your personal and sexual relationship
  • Your typical sexual habits and how you show desire and affection

In case there is a medical problem that might be involved, you can be sure that couples and sex therapist will recommend an adequate medical assessment before addressing the psychological aspects of your issue. Sometimes, if one of the partners is a trauma survivor, couples and sex therapy can be combined with the individual one for the best results. 

Whatever the case, a therapist will provide a safe and understanding environment and work with you to find the best course of action in treating all the problems you have.

Improving Communication Strategies

Attending a counselling is an excellent way for clients to practise asking for what they need emotionally or sexually in a relationship. Since the entire process is guided by a professional therapist, both sides will have a chance to honestly say what they need and how they feel, without worrying that they will not be understood. 

Success with the therapy depends on the skills of a counsellor, but at the same time, it depends on how the couple is committed to the process. If the clients are ready to put in the effort they will be able to significantly improve their relationship. 

How To Find a Therapist that Is Qualified to Help You?

The best way to find out if the therapist is qualified to help you is to ask questions. A true professional will be comfortable and happy to answer all your concerns, so feel free to ask about the goals the therapy can help you achieve, about the type of clients he/she has been working with, etc. In general, you should look for a therapist who has an approach that makes sense to you. 

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