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Marriage Counselling North Shore

A Qualified Psychotherapist offering Marriage Counselling throughout the North Shore

In the course of our busy lives, chasing our careers as individuals and working long hours, it can be difficult to maintain and nurture healthy, caring relationships. When children are added to the mix, these troubles can multiply, posing difficulties to even the most committed couples.

Ginny Lindsay, a qualified psychotherapist, offers marriage counselling North Shore to everyone in need. A veteran of her trade, Ginny brings a studied, conscientious approach to each of her clients, helping them to work through this stressful period of their lives, and encouraging open expression and stronger bonds of devotion and love.

Marriage counselling can help any couple to strengthen their bond, by providing a judgment-free and communicative environment for couples to relate to each other and speak openly about their true feelings. Having created a life together, From2to3 and Ginny Lindsay can help you to move onwards to a happier and more mutually supportive relationship.

When You Should Go to a Marriage Counselling in North Shore?

Many people ignore the first signs and decide to visit a therapist when they reach the impasse. At that time, it is usually much more difficult to get couples back together, and that is why it is important to seek help from a marriage counsellor as soon as you start encountering some of the problems listed below:

1. Communication Between You and Your Partner Has Become Negative

Negative communication can include anything that will leave the other person depressed, disregarded, insecure, or wanting to leave the conversation. The problem might be in something one of the partners said, but sometimes it is the tone of the conversation. It is not always about what you say, but how you say it. If you start noticing that your communication is getting worse, wait no more and schedule an appointment, and Ginny will be there to help you. 

2. You Have Become More Like Roommates Than Lovers

When the couple seems to be just occupying the same space, and live more like roommates than a married couple, it is about time to visit a therapist. If there is a lack of communication, intimacy, or any other elements that are part of an emotional relationship, it is time to visit a marriage counsellor that can help sort out what is missing and how to get it back. 

3. Are You and Your Partner Staying Together For The Sake of Children?

If a couple thinks that it is best to stay together for the sake of their children, it is time to get the third party involved. Couples believe that they are doing the right thing, but this is actually detrimental for children unless the couple can resolve the issue and move toward a positive, healthy relationship

No matter how hard couples try to fake their happiness, the children are very intuitive and they will realize that something is going on. In case that the children are the only bond that is holding you and your partner together, you should visit our marriage counselling North Shore to try to work things out, and ensure that you all live in a healthy and happy family.

4. The Separation Seems To Be The Only Solution?

It is not unusual that when a couple disagrees or argues one of them decides to take a break. It is helpful to have a timeout, but when it turns into an overnight stay away from home, it will potentially lead to a separation. Spending time away from home might help couples to calm down, but it will not solve their problems. When the partner comes back home, the problem will still be there, but it will often be avoided because the time passed. If one of you practice leaving your home when some issue pops up, that indicates that it is time to get marriage counsellor involved. 

Get Back On Track With Ginny Lindsay

Marriage counselling helps both parties to identify behavioural attitudes and patterns that cause conflicts and to learn how to overcome it and improve their relationship. It typically involves both partners, but it may also involve one partner who seeks help from the partner separately. 

As your North Shore psychotherapist, Ginny looks forward to helping you improve your relationships and provide a happier, healthier environment in which to raise a family. Read more about her here.

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