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10 Signs You May Need Marriage Counselling


Relationships take work, and sometimes problems occur. Many people turn to marriage counselling only when there are major issues like abuse or addictions. But, people should be visiting a therapist as a regular part of their health, long before major problems become visible. 

Admitting you need help might be scary and humbling, but it can also lead you to a happy ending. No two marriages are the same, and each partner brings the baggage of hopes, dreams, and habits. When you mix the two together it can be sweet, bitter or both.

By paying attention to these 10 signs, you will be able to pull out your marriage from the fire before it burns out.

1. You Hardly Speak to Each Other 

Lack of communication can seriously harm your marriage. If you or your partner are constantly putting up walls and not hearing what other person has to say, marriage counselling will help you learn effective ways to improve interaction with your partner. 

2.  You are Arguing About the Same Matters Constantly

If arguments with a negative tone are your daily routine, it will surely spoil your relationship. One of you will start feeling ashamed, judged, or less secure. Marriage counselling will help you minimize arguments and understand your spouse’s perspective.

3. Lack of Physical or Emotional Intimacy

If the sex chemistry disappeared, and you feel like you are roommates, it signals that something is wrong. Sharing a room with your spouse without anything happening between the sheets can get your marriage into rough waters.

4. Broken Trust

You feel like your partner is hiding something from you, or like there is a lack of honesty between you. Couples that are transparent in communication with each other have better and happy marriages. However, if you feel like your partner is lying or you know that you are hiding something, that is a clear sign you need marriage counselling.

5. A Major Life Change

Maybe you’ve experienced a trauma, or a life-changing event (childbirth, death, etc.) and that affected both of you. A therapist will help you deal with that major change and help you find the way to come out from that situation together.

6. Financial Infidelity

If one of the partners has the need to control everything regarding the money or hide the spendings form the spouse, it is going to bring trouble when one of you mentions family finances. Unequal division of finances, differences in spending and savings, can damage your marriage. 

7. Affairs

You are fantasizing about having an affair, or you think your partner desires something different from what they currently have. While there is a chance for a couple to survive infidelity, it is better to get help before such a thing happens. 

8. You Want Your Spouse to Change

If you think that your partner should change their wardrobe style, lifestyle, eating habits, or many other things, that signals you are not happy in your marriage. It is natural to expect some changes in each other, but that doesn’t mean that one of the partners should change its basic traits because the other one expects it. 

9. Differing Parenting Styles

There are a lot of compromises and sacrifices in every relationship, and the responsibilities of parenting will increase the stress level. If you have different parenting techniques, it will inevitably lead to conflicts. Before these differences harm your relationship, you should seek out the therapist.

10. Separate Lives

You both work too much, and that doesn’t leave you much time to spend together. When you finally arrive home, one of you is taking care of the kids, while the other one is dealing with household things. Constantly doing things separately will make you distant and disconnected from each other.

Getting professional help for your marriage sooner rather than later is an important investment in the future of your family. From 2 to 3 offers a relationship and marriage counselling provided by the professional experienced therapist. If you can identify with one or more signs we mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment.