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Signs You And Your Partner May Need Sex Therapy Counselling

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Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy where couples address medical, personal, psychological and other factors affecting their sexual satisfaction. The goal of this type of therapy is to overcome emotional and physical challenges and have a pleasurable sex life and happy relationship. 

You might be surprised that many couples suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction during their lifetime. However, it is still a topic that people are hesitant to discuss. In order to help you realize when it is time for you and your partner to start a sex therapy counselling, we will share with you some of the key signs.


You Always Start Fighting With Your Partner After Sex

If this sounds familiar to you then it is very likely that one of both of you are feeling unsatisfied. Good sex makes you feel great, but a bad one can make both of you feel sick about yourself and your relationship. 

These negative feelings usually escalate into an argument and if this is something that happens often, you and your partner should arrange an appointment with a sex therapist. 


You Have Stopped Having Sex

The sexless relationship or marriage is very common, maybe even more than you think. The longer you and your partner are not having sex, the harder it will be to get back on track again. 

Living with someone under the same roof, and not having sex with him/her will lead to the point when your brain starts registering them as a friend. That is why, if your relationship is becoming sexless, you should do something about it right away. 


You Feel Relieved When Your Partner Is Too Tired For Sex

In case that you can relate with this quote, you have probably started thinking of sex as an obligation, not a pleasure, and that is a big issue. Being glad when sex is off the table, or seeking reasons to avoid it will cause problems that will spread beyond the bedroom.

This will cut off the intimacy with your partner, and lack of sexual connection between you and your partner will worsen even the problems that are not related to the sex. 


You Are Struggling To Reach Orgasm

While some people find it very easy, others have trouble reaching an orgasm. There wouldn’t be any problems if you are one of these two types by nature, but when you move from one camp to another – that is an issue. 

If you are suddenly unable to reach an orgasm despite the variety of things you and your partner are trying in order to excite your sex life, you should arrange a sex therapy counselling to find out what is causing that problem. 


You Are Preoccupied With Sex

While many sex issues are related to the loss of libido, there are situations in which you might find out that your sexual desire is immeasurable. It may seem like thinking too much about sex isn’t something bad, but like everything else – too much of anything, even the good thing, will eventually become a problem. 

If you are preoccupied with sex and find it difficult to concentrate on anything else, it is no longer enjoyable, but an obsessive and frustrating preoccupation. You better start with sex therapy as soon as possible, since this is will probably affect your relationship.


You are at Couples Therapy But It Is Not Helping You?

Maybe you and your partner realized that something is going wrong in your marriage or relationship and you decided to visit a therapist. Since you are a couple with a problem, a couples therapy seemed like a logical choice.

However, you have been visiting a therapist for a while, but you don’t see any improvements and you can relate to one or more of the above-mentioned problems, then it is no wonder why the things between the sheets are still cold. Couples therapy can make your relationship better, but only sex therapy counselling can help you with intimacy problems. That is why Ginny Lindsay, a renowned therapist at From 2 to 3 couples counselling Sydney, has joined couples and sex therapy and she will be there to help.