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Why Do Millennials Often Go to Couples Therapy?

There are many stereotypes related to millennials like they are lazy, self-centred, hypersensitive and in most cases unprepared for life. However, those allegations are mostly wrong, because this new generation is very empathetic and diverse, and they want to make a social impact, but certain things can hold them back.

The millennials have so many choices to make like who to marry, what career path to choose, where to live and more, and sometimes they don’t know if they are setting their adult life in the right way. Many big decisions they have to make them feel stressed and overwhelmed.

This affects their relationships as well, but thanks to the improvements that the new era gave us, the millennial couples seek therapy with less stigma and fear than previous generations. Unlike older generations, the Millennials decide to attend couples therapy to prevent major issues, they don’t want everything to fall apart. In this article, you will find some of the most common concerns that bring Millenials to couples therapy.

1. “What is the Point of Getting Married?”

During their twenties, the millennials mostly choose to focus on education, travelling, career and other life experiences rather than settling down with their partner. However, sometimes one of the partners wants to get married and have children, while the other one doesn’t share that vision, or wants to have kids without obtaining a marriage certificate. A carefully guided couples therapy can help them understand each other’s needs better, and learn how marriage can improve their relationship.

2. “Is This the Best Choice We Could Make?”

Social media platforms have changed our lives and helped us to connect with people from around the world with a single click. Many people found the love of their life online, and oftentimes the millennials are asking themselves what if they are missing out something great by choosing the wrong person. The digital world has many advantages, but it can cause young people to look at the thing from the wrong point of view and that often makes them confused. Couples therapy will help them learn more about how to become the kind of partner they want to have instead of feeding the anxiety by questioning did they make a good choice.

3. “I am Ready to Bring Our Relationship To a Higher Level, But My Partner Is Not.”

Differ from above-mentioned marriage issues, this question is related to problems millennial couples have when one of the partners is ready for a serious relationship, but the other one still wants to hang out with friends and play video games, for example. That makes the partner who is ready for the next step start wondering whether he/she should stay in that relationship and wait for the other one to grow up and change his/her behaviour. Through conversation with a couples therapist, they will be able to speak freely about the things that concern them and to express how they feel and what they expect from their relationship.

Can You and Your Partner Relate With Some Of the Above-Mentioned Questions?

No matter if you are asking yourself the same questions, or you and your partner have other concerns, feel free to seek help from an experienced couples therapist. From 2 to 3 , relationship counselling, is supporting young couples and growing families by offering custom-tailored sessions.

Their leading therapist, Ginny Lindsey, will be more than happy to explain to you how the couples therapy looks like, and to help you overcome all millennial’s problems that are affecting your relationship. Let her help you accept and embrace the mistakes both of you have made and learn how to nurture your love and make smart decisions in future.