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Why Is Sex So Important In A Relationship?

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Almost everyone will agree that sex is one of the crucial aspects of every romantic relationship. There are many other important factors of maintaining a strong and healthy relationship, but intimacy is the major one. 

However, over time, many couples allow sex to fall behind, without knowing that it may seriously affect their relationship. No matter if your relationship lasts for four years, or four months, the sex is equally important, and in this text, you will find out why.

  • Sex Improves Connection

One of the main reasons why couples are arguing and decide to break up is a lack of communication. The purpose of a relationship is to create a functional unit with two different people. Poor communication will lead to misunderstandings and anger, so make sure you are honest to each other, and that actually listen to what the other has to say. 

On the other hand, the sex will make you both feel wanted and needed, this is one of the best ways to show your partner you care. It will promote intimacy and reassurance and get the two of you closer.

  • It Will Keep You Healthy

It is well known that there is a strong bond between sex and health. If you didn’t know, sex can help you:

  • Eliminate stress
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Improve memory
  • Lower blood pressure and the risk of heart attack
  • Burn calories
  • Ensure better sleep

A healthy couple will be more productive, full of energy and happier. Once you realize how sex can improve your health it is easy to see why it is so important for your relationship. This will encourage you to take it more seriously.

  • Sex Will Make You Feel Desirable

Feeling desirable will let you and your partner know that no matter how long you have been together, you still got that feeling. This is essential to happiness and confidence in the relationship, and one of the best ways to make your partner feel desirable is to initiate sex and show enthusiasm during the act. When you know that your partner finds you attractive, it will boost your self-esteem which plays a major role not only in the relationship but in our lives too.

  • It Improves Your Mood

When you are always in a good mood, it will help you have more success in anything you do. Whether it is your personal life, business or something else, everything is much easier when you have a positive attitude. On the other hand, a negative mood will affect your enthusiasm and productivity. 

One of the best ways to forget about all the negative stuff, even for a while is good sex. There is a little science in this because when you are experiencing an orgasm, your brain will release dopamine which will instantly boost your ego. Feeling more confident and happy will make your partner love spending time with you. 

  • Sex Is One of The Best Ways To Spend Time Together

We live in a fast-moving world, and a busy lifestyle we have can make couples very hard to find time for each other. If you and your partner enjoy having sex, this will be enough to make you spend more time together or meet more often. This will increase the bond between you two and promote better understanding for yours and your partner’s needs. 

Reach Out to a Therapist If You Are Unhappy with Your Sex Life

After reading this article, you have probably realized that sex affects the emotional, physical, mental and psychological aspect of your life and your relationship. If you still find it hard to make your sex life and your relationship work together to create a harmony between you and your partner, feel free to contact From 2 to 3, Sydney couples counselling