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Why Marriage Counseling Is a Good Idea

Divorce is a tragic experience to go through and to witness. It is difficult for both spouses and especially difficult for their children. Teenage children of divorce are more than three times as likely to need psychological help within a year of the separation.

However, with the help of marriage counseling, couples find new ways to mend their relationship and remember they love each other.

While some discount marriage counseling for a number of reasons, statistics show its effectiveness in healing the problems in marriages that lead to divorce. What are the benefits of marriage counseling? Here are just a few:

  • The counseling gives both spouses the opportunity to speak to each other candidly and without fear of judgment. This leads to bottled-up grievances being expressed, and sometimes they are not as serious as they seemed at one time, but rather are simple misunderstandings that have grown out of hand.

  • Both spouses remember why they got married in the first place, and discover ways to rekindle that fire that once was there.

  • Acknowledging the strengths or weaknesses of both spouses leads to greater understanding of each other and the marriage itself.

  • Positivity is the goal in marriage counseling: having a positive environment that produces positive results.

In many cases, spouses determine their problems unworthy of divorce. And if you’re lucky, you and your spouse will celebrate a second honeymoon after counseling has concluded!

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