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Why You Should Consider Couples and Marriage Therapy Before the Crisis Strikes?

Imagine that you have started hearing a strange noise when you start the engine of your car. You will probably seek help from a mechanic right away. If you leave it like that for a long time, the damage to its engine might be so bad that it probably cannot be fixed anymore.

It is the same with relationships, but despite that, many couples seek help from a therapist when they have already decided to separate or divorce because they consider it as a safe place to announce that news to each other. On the other hand, many people think that relationship and marriage counselling is the last chance to try to save their relationship, but it is obviously not the best time to attend such a programme when everything is falling apart.

Sometimes, the issues are too long-standing for a counselling to be truly effective. If the couple had the problems and built resentment for years, the couples and marriage therapist will probably not be able to help. This means that the timing is crucial for a successful therapy and we will help you understand why.

When It Is the Best Time to Start Couples and Marriage Counselling?

Couples should seek help from a therapist before they think they need to. Most issues start as a minor problem, and can easily be resolved if both partners are willing to put an effort and resolve it immediately.

However, many people think that they can simply “forget” about it and move, but that will only make the problem grow bigger over time. If you start visiting couples and marriage counselling as soon the conflict appears, the therapy can help by giving tools and techniques that can improve its resolution.

This means that the couples shouldn’t see a counselling as a solution to a crisis. They should consider it as an integral part of a healthy life and their relationship. A therapist will be there to guide the entire process and create a safe environment where both partners can speak about their side of the story before it is too late.

How Couples and Marriage Therapy Can Help?

First of all, both individuals truly need to want their relationship to work. Only if both partners are willing to invest energy and time to actively participate in counselling, a couples and marriage therapy work.

Also, both parties have to feel comfortable with the therapist so any progress can be made. Because of that, couples and marriage counsellors are doing their best to provide a pleasant and non-judgemental environment and act like excellent listeners. This helps couples to relax and speak freely about the problems they have.

Couples and marriage therapy can detect toxic behavioural patterns that one of both partners have, and find the best ways to make adjustments. The therapist will also help couples get a new point of view and gain new insights into their relationship. This will all lead to better communication, and when partners are able to speak honestly with each other, all problems will be resolved much easier.

Contact Couples and Marriage Therapist Before It Is Too Late

No matter if you are aware that you and your partner need help, or you are unsure whether you need couples and marriage counselling, the best thing you can do is to contact Ginny Lindsay who is the leading therapist at From 2 to 3.

She will be able to support you and use the best practices to resolve the issues you have. Whether you are a young couple or you have been married for many years, Ginny will be there to help!