Dec 14

Marriage Counseling For Couples Growing Apart

Relationships are work. Some say that if you really love someone marriage is easy. That is not entirely true. There is, however, a difference between an angry, and hostile relationship turning toxic and letting life get in the way of who you once were. Sometimes it really is just life keepin ..Read more

Nov 24

Why Marriage Counseling Is a Good Idea

Divorce is a tragic experience to go through and to witness. It is difficult for both spouses and especially difficult for their children. Teenage children of divorce are more than three times as likely to need psychological help within a year of the separation. However, with the help  ..Read more

Nov 21

Focus on the Couple

When a couple come in and they've had a baby, one of the challenges that they really face is this difficulty of spending enough time together.  ..Read more

Oct 24

7 Steps To Save Your Marriage After An Affair

Unfaithful spouses cause severe mental, emotional, and physical devastation in a couple's marriage. Having an affair leads to emotional havoc on both ends, including feelings of anger mistrust, confusion, betrayal, sadness and more. Most couples call it quits right away because they have no idea ..Read more

Sep 05

Anxiety Counselling and Emotionally Focused Therapy

At From2to3 (, we provide anxiety counselling and emotionally focused therapy methods that resound with hundreds of clients. We take a careful, bespoke look at each client we treat, to ensure that we are encouraging them to arrive as comfortable and prepared as possib ..Read more

Sep 01

Sandplay Therapy and Counselling on Sydney’s North Shore

Counselling is all about encouraging us to bare our true feelings, but this is easier said than done. People are often less than forthcoming to their therapist, and as a result, we have developed methods that encourage people who visit our practice to express themselves as openly as possible.  ..Read more

Aug 14

What is Sandplay Therapy?

When experiencing challenges in your relationship, either from adjusting to your new family dynamic, communicating, or even post-natal depression, there are a variety of therapeutic techniques that can be used to help uncover the underlying issues and to heal. One of the techniques we use at From 2  ..Read more

Jul 04

Parenting and the Importance of a United front | Couples Counselling

Among child-rearing experts, and couples counsellors, there is a nearly-universal consensus on the value and importance of creating a united front for your children. Being able to communicate easily and strongly with your spouse allows your child fewer entrances in which to doubt their parents’  ..Read more

Apr 24

The Biggest Myths About Relationship Counselling

As a relationship and couples counsellor, I hear lots of opinions about relationship counselling and most of them are untrue! These opinions are usually informed by depictions of counselling and therapy shown in film or television, or bad news stories told when a relationship ends. The r ..Read more

Apr 10

5 Ways to Save Your Marriage

I often despair that couples counselling or relationship counselling is only considered when it’s too late to save your marriage. Healthy relationships are the most significant predictor of happiness and life satisfaction, yet are often neglected or taken for granted. I am working  ..Read more