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The 3 Rules on How to Push your Pram

Guest Blog by Jen Dugard There are a few simple rules you can implement to protect your body from something you do VERY regularly when you have a baby.  Get it right now and you can protect yourself as they get bigger and heavier, AND you might even find you get a good workout (not […]

5 Weeks to Christmas! My 4 Tips for Staying Calm in the Festive Season

I was out at my local shopping centre this week when I saw real Christmas trees for sale and I realised just how close we are to Christmas. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but this year has really flown, especially as I have been completing additional studies. As much as I am […]

5 Reasons You Need a Women’s Health Physio on Your Pregnancy Team

Guest Blog by Jen Dugard When a woman finds out she is pregnant she almost immediately starts to gather her team. Her circle of trusted friends and professionals that will help her through her pregnancy and into motherhood.  There are the more obvious team members; her partner (first in line!), then there is usually a […]

Are You Speaking My Love Language?

In a relationship it’s important to realise that it is not all about you! As much as it is important for you to have your needs met, it is is essential that you learn how to express love to your partner in a way that they like to receive it. As a relationship counsellor, I […]