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Is Your Inner Child Ruining Your Relationship?

Have you noticed that you are re-experiencing childhood feelings in your relationship with your partner? For example, you had a tendency to feel unsupported by your father and this exact same emotional pattern is coming up with your partner lately? Maybe you find yourself constantly criticising your partner, and finding nothing they do is good […]

6 Sexy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

It’s summertime and it’s hot here in Sydney. Family holidays, lounging on the sand and swimming are some of the more enjoyable aspects of our warmer weather. Summertime can also put the wrong kind of heat into your relationship too – frayed tempers, hectic traffic, problems sleeping because of the high temperatures – none of […]

Will Exercise Affect My Ability to Breastfeed?

Guest Post by Jen Dugard This is a common question amongst new mums and one I also wondered about after giving birth to my son and being keen to get back into the gym. Research by Lovelady et al (1995) examined the effects of a twelve week exercise program on lactating women.  The results of this […]