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5 Ways to Bring Sexy Back Into Your Relationship

When you get busy with children, career and life generally, sex with your partner can fall off your agenda.You know sex is important for your relationship and your own wellbeing, but there are so many other priorities that sometimes sex can get relegated to the bottom of your priority list. Sex is an important part […]

Are You an Over-Communicator?

As a relationship counsellor and couples therapist, I often work with my clients on improving their communication. Sometimes I find that one or both partners can get into patterns of over-communicating, where they are sharing all of their feelings and thoughts about themselves and their partner. Telling your partner everything you think, feel and want […]

Are You Too Picky With Your Partner?

We all have our little habits and when you live with someone these habits are likely to come under scrutiny. In relationships, we can sometimes get caught up in a battleground of little arguments over the toilet seat left up, clothes stored in the “floor- drobe”, or forgetting to take out the garbage. The things […]