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How Much Sex Should You Actually Have?

Many people wonder how much sex they should be having. Some of them are questioning how much sex is enough for a married couple, the other ones are thinking whether they are “normal” compared to other people. If some of these questions are bothering you, don’t worry. These are common concerns that couples are sharing […]

How to Know If The Couples Counselling Isn’t Working for You?

A lot of things can go wrong in a happy marriage or relationship. While some couples struggle to establish good communication, the others feel like they don’t know each other anymore. It is not uncommon that people who have spent years together suddenly start to feel like they are strangers. In those situations, many of […]

Why Do Millennials Often Go to Couples Therapy?

There are many stereotypes related to millennials like they are lazy, self-centred, hypersensitive and in most cases unprepared for life. However, those allegations are mostly wrong, because this new generation is very empathetic and diverse, and they want to make a social impact, but certain things can hold them back. The millennials have so many […]

How Marriage Infidelity Affects Children?

Although many people think that only divorce is leaving deep scars on their children, infidelity also has a long-lasting impact on their children. When one of the parents cheats another, the child feels cheated as well. They often feel betrayed and that can be a trigger that causes the children to experience regressive behaviour. This […]