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How to protect the ‘couple bubble’ and thrive 

The couple bubble is a protective space where two partners are able to focus on each other and what each needs to thrive in the relationship. In this space, you will learn how to read and understand each other – particularly when it comes to giving and receiving love – and ultimately build trust in […]

How to have a secure and functioning relationship

At our core, all human beings are animals with basic needs, but we are also shaped by our own thoughts, beliefs, values, experiences, and expectations, among other influences. Then, when we choose a partner, we sometimes struggle to find common ground and develop a relationship that makes both partners feel safe, secure and fulfilled. The […]

How you live life is a good mirror on how good your sex life is

How you live your life is a reflection of how you approach sex, and there are lots of reasons why people don’t feel fulfilled by their sex life or the intimacy in their relationship, but it’s completely within your control to change that. That attitude that you have towards sex is reflected in your attitude […]