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Sandplay Therapy and Counselling on Sydney’s North Shore

Counselling is all about encouraging us to bare our true feelings, but this is easier said than done. People are often less than forthcoming to their therapist, and as a result, we have developed methods that encourage people who visit our practice to express themselves as openly as possible.

Sandplay therapy taps in to our subconscious, and engages our creative side, in a way that few methods are able. This therapy utilises a small sandbox, along with miniature objects and water, from which the patient, in a safe and protective environment, creates a world. Their creation is often symbolic of inner turmoil, and operates as a view in to the psyche of the patient. From the young to the elderly, this therapy has had some striking results.

Counselling here on the North Shore is aware of the reality of our time period. This era drives towards the future, and seems to have less and less time for inward views, or reflections in to ourselves. Sandplay therapy aims to jog the engagement of our inner selves, as a way to come to grips with what is being hidden from our conscious minds.

As well, the quiet and constructive element of this activity is more soothing for many patients. Face-to-face discussion can sometimes hinder the true self, and ideas and thoughts can be locked down. Especially among young people, shyness can stifle one’s ability to speak freely. And among adults, we have often erected barriers to properly honest discussion, especially among sensitive topics.

Sandplay therapy has provided us with some notable results. Children enjoy it, while parents marvel at it, and the practice is growing strongly throughout counselling circles here on the North Shore, and throughout the country. Contact us today to find out more.